“I’m a single mom with two sons in their early 20’s and I live in Motherwell. I’ve worked for Zanethemba for 8 years and I love children because they are so adorable. I grew up in a large family so being around a lot of children is kind of my thing.

One little boy I remember, stayed in the haven from when he was 6 months to 3 years old. He came from an Afrikaans background, but because we speak English and Xhosa a lot at the haven, he ended up speaking Xhosa.
Once I was trying to talk some sense into him and needed to make sure he heard everything I said and that he understood. So I told him, “Say Yes” and to my surprise he said “Ewe,” which is yes in Xhosa.

A lot of the children at the haven are eventually fostered or adopted. My hope is that they become something one day and have a bright future. I hope that they don’t judge their biological parents but instead pray for them and in turn, do something for other children who are in the same situation as they were.”