Hi, I’m Cathering and my husband’s name is Rudi and we have two gorgeous little boys, Levi and Micah.

I am a qualified Social Worker and in 2008 I used to work for PE Childline, now known as Uviwe, where an unpleasant part of my job was to remove abused/neglected children from their families and place them in safe havens, one of them being Zanethemba.

I am thrilled to be working for Zanethemba as I have always regarded it as an organisation with high standards that takes a holistic approach to caring for children and this is thanks to the hard work and dedication of not only the staff at Zanethemba but especially the founders, Gert and Eline de Nood.
I enjoy the time that I’ve been here and all the wonderful memories I’ve made and still make at this haven of hope.